Portraits Of Cuba

Cover: Portraits Of Cuba
photo: Jessica Backhaus

Label: OEHMS CLASSICS (2003)

*First appearance:
  ARTE NOVA (2000)
Cover Portraits Of Cuba (arte nova)


Aires De La Tierra (composed 1998)
   I. Vegas de Vueltabajo
   II. Mar
   III. Luna de Guamá
   IV. Salmodia
   V. Fiesta
feat. Nan-Maro Babakhanian (mezzo-soprano)

En Tardes De Lluvia (composed 1999)
   I. Preludio (Mágico)
   II. Prosas
     * Junto al mar (Luminoso)
     * Diá (Con garbo)
     * Un paseo nocturno
   III. Murmullos y Danza

Trés Imágenes Cubanas - Homenaja A Caturla En Su 90 Aniversario (composed 1996)
   I. Mosso Ritmico
   II. Moderato
   III. Vivio
feat. The Griffin String Quartet

Canto De Septiembre (composed 1999)

World premiere recording introducing cuban composer Tulio Peramo
The music on this recording is written for and dedicated to Johannes Tonio Kreusch and recorded on this CD for the first time. All compositions are published by KREUSCH Bros. Publishing/GbR [see: "Sheet Music"].

From the booklet
In 1994, I met Tulio Peramo for the first time during the guitar festival in Havana. At that time, I was 23 and Tulio nearly twice as old. The age difference didn't matter. I was touched by his wise, philosophical and poetic thoughts. He, though, had to deal with my youthful energy! From this energy and Tulio's beautiful musical thoughts, the music on this disc arose as did a deep friendship between the two of us.
Tulio doesn't lile to speak about his music, since music should speak for itself - and it truly does...

Johanes Tonio Kreusch

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KREUSCHmusic: info(at)johannestoniokreusch.com