panta rhei

Cover: panta rhei
photo: Detlef Schneider

Label GLM Music GmbH (2012)

feat. Markus Stockhausen (trumpet)

*First appearance:
Cover panta rhei (OEHMS CLASSICS)


01: Vinyl Intro
02: Blossom
03: Young
04: En Route
05: Fly !
06: Highlands
07: Flowing
08: Invocación
09: Tender
10: Virtual Union
11: Soulmate
12: Prelude to Silence
13: Resonance

panta rhei

every face we look at
every hand we shake
we've met

every heart we feel beating
every eye we see bleeding
we've known

time on my hands

every breath we take
every smile we fake
we'll tell

every well we ground
every tree we found
we'll dwell

time on my hands

keepsake desire
keepsake the pain
relieve your sorrow
remaining is in vain

time on my hands

Johanes Tonio Kreusch

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