Cover: Inspiración

Label: GLM Music GmbH (2018)

*First appearance:
  ARTE NOVA (2001)
Cover Inspiración (arte nova)

Reissue on:
Cover Inspiración (oehms classic)


Johannes Tonio Kreusch (*1970)
   1. INSPIRACIÓN (Preludio)

Augustin Barrios Mangoré (1885-1944)
   2. UNA LIMOSNA POR EL AMOR DE DIOS (La Última Canción)
   3. VALS NO. 3
   4. LAS ABEJAS (Estudio)
   5. Preludio (Saudade)
   6. Andante religioso
   7. Allegro solemne

Francisco Tárrega (1854-1909)
   8. CAPRICHO ÁRABE (Serenade)
   9. MARÍA (Gavota)

Isaac Albeníz (1860-1909)
   10. ASTURIAS (Leyenda from Op. 47/232)
         (Transcription: J.T. Kreusch)

Joagín Rodrigo (1901-1999)
   11. INVOCACIÓN Y DANZA (Homenaje a Manuel de Falla)

Leo Brouwer (*1939)
   12. DANZA CARACTERÍSTICA (Para el "Quítate de la acera")
   13. Lento
   14. Obstinato
   16. DANZA DEL ALTIPLANO (Sobre un terma folklorico)

Johannes Tonio Kreusch (*1970)
   17. INSPIRACIÓN (Conclusio)

is a very personal album. This CD brings together music that has long been my companion, which has inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm for the guitar. The spanish word, Inspiración, has many meanings: breathig in, firing or filling with enthusiasm, pouring in, enthusiasm, inspiration, impulse...
The works to be heard here, by Barrios-Mangoré, Tárrega, Albéniz, Rodrigo and Brouwer, have already filled many lovers of the guitar with enthusiasm, and inspired them to take a new look at its possibilities. Each of these composers has, directly or indirectly, played an important part in the guitar's development, demonstrating new performance possibilities, finding new ways of expression and pouring in a new spirit to the guitar. All have been profoundly inspired by the six vibrating strings of the Spanish guitar, the people's instrument of its native land. The many-coloured and sound-filled world of Spain and Latin America provides the basis for the compositions to be heard here, furnishes the inspiration and impulse for their creators.
Let this album be dedicated to one of the great voices of this Spanish-speaking world: the poet, singer and guitarist Atahualpa Yupanqui, who inspired me for the guitar. Through his music we are breathing in the spirit of the Latin-American world, are taken on a journey across the vastness of the pampas.
As way of breathing in, most of my concerts begin with an improvisation. This allows me not only to acquaint myself with the acoustic possibilities of the concert hall in every detail, but also to build up a very personal relationship with the audience. This tone breathing-in of the acoustic and the direct search for sound can be a linking process for player and listener - prelude and inspiration as a preparation for the concert which follows. In the prefatory "Preludio" and the "Conclusio" postlude I use elements from my "Siddharta Suite" for Solo Guitar. "Inspiración" - "Preludio" and "Conclusio" make up the framework within which the pictures imagined by the composers gathered together here can come to life.

Johanes Tonio Kreusch
(Translation: Mike Yarrow)

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